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3 surgeries for Endometriosis, countless medications, and lots of difficult years trying to conceive. We put the medical stuff on hold and decided to work on being parents instead. In July of 2000 we were blessed beyond all measure with a phone call announcing the birth of our daughter, Megan. Megan's birth mother had given birth the day before and was leaving the hospital. We had no warning that Megan was coming. At 4:29 in the afternoon we were a couple, at 4:30 we were parents. Deciding that we wanted a sibling for Megan, we looked into all our options. This time insurance covered IVF. One round and we were blessed with triplets, Abigail, Brigid, and Caroline. Did you know that there is a 70% chance of divorce in families of Higher Order Multiples? Almost two years after the triplets were born my ex-husband and I separated and eventually divorced. During that time both my Mother and Father passed away from cancer. In February of 2007 my sister came to live with us to help out. In December of 2008 she had to leave so now it is me on my own with the girls. In February 2010, Lisa passed away and finally found her own Peace.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A few tidbits

My Facebook friends have heard these stories but I wanted to post them here too.

While I was sleeping two weeks ago, Brigid, who was sleeping with me, cut a big chunk out of my bangs. Lovely. There truly is no rest for the weary. :)

Abby came home from school last week and said, "Caroline had a really bad day." I asked what happened. Abby said, "I bit her in the bathroom and I had to go to time-out."

Sitting at the dinner table one night after Abby lost her first tooth, Megan asked me if the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, and Leprechaun were real. She said, "I know that Santa Claus is really but these other guys? I mean, c'mon. It seems kinda strange that we let strangers into our house to leave money on the table. Is it really you Mom?" Then she sat for a minute and said, "Naw, it can't be you 'cause you never have that much money in your wallet." There is something to be said for Megan's wisdom. :)

The vacuum fairy visited my house on Monday. My vacuum (which was only 1 1/2 years old) died. I asked to borrow my brother's vacuum because almost 4 weeks without one had me with some very dirty carpets. He said my sister-in-law would bring it to me on Monday and I said I would return it on Tuesday. When I got home there was a brand new vacuum on my kitchen table. Thank you Cindy!!! You guys rock!!

And one last wonderful thing: Caroline is Star Student of the Month for November in her 1st grade class. I am so proud of her. She was Star Student last year too. Such a great kid.

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