My Life in a Nut Shell

3 surgeries for Endometriosis, countless medications, and lots of difficult years trying to conceive. We put the medical stuff on hold and decided to work on being parents instead. In July of 2000 we were blessed beyond all measure with a phone call announcing the birth of our daughter, Megan. Megan's birth mother had given birth the day before and was leaving the hospital. We had no warning that Megan was coming. At 4:29 in the afternoon we were a couple, at 4:30 we were parents. Deciding that we wanted a sibling for Megan, we looked into all our options. This time insurance covered IVF. One round and we were blessed with triplets, Abigail, Brigid, and Caroline. Did you know that there is a 70% chance of divorce in families of Higher Order Multiples? Almost two years after the triplets were born my ex-husband and I separated and eventually divorced. During that time both my Mother and Father passed away from cancer. In February of 2007 my sister came to live with us to help out. In December of 2008 she had to leave so now it is me on my own with the girls. In February 2010, Lisa passed away and finally found her own Peace.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another busy day again. We had an appointment this morning for the girls and it took a long time. We didn't get home until around 2 this afternoon. Things have been going rather smoothly. But, Brigie is up to her usual tricks again. Yesterday I let the triplets paint with some new watercolors. The paint is located inside the handle of the brush so there is SUPPOSED to be very little clean-up involved. Apparently the makers of the paint were unaware of kids like Brigie. Everyone did such a super job painting, trying to paint their names and letters, etc. Abby finished up first and went straight into the bathroom to wash her hands. Caroline came in next to do the same. I walked with Abby and Caroline to the living room and at the same time Brigie walked from the dining room to the bathroom by way of the kitchen. I mention her path because it was at most 2 minutes from the last time I saw her in the dining room until I went back into the bathroom to help her out. In that time she managed to paint one hand and her ENTIRE mouth black. I didn't notice the black mouth until she smiled at me and looked like she had swallowed tar. It was everywhere. Her tongue was completely black. When she stuck out her tongue for me to see, she drooled and black spit fell on the counter. Ewww. How does she do it? I can't let that girl alone for a second with any type of fluid because she will have either drawn on her body or some part of the house. Yesterday at dinner we had mashed potatoes with pot roast. The potatoes were pretty firm. Never in a million years did I expect to look over at Brigie who was rolling the mashed potatoes into balls and eating them. Instead of snow balls she said she had made potato balls. I feel like I should create a blog just detailing Brigid's antics.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't share the intelligent, adult fun my sister and I were having at dinner this evening. Everyone was done eating and Lisa and I were still at the table talking. During this time the girls were putting their plates in the sink and cleaning up their areas around the table. (I can see some of you smirking right now. Yes I do actually make them clean-up. Honest.) My hands had gotten wet from the condensation on my cup and for some odd reason I made a fart noise with them. Megan started laughing so I showed her the fine art of making farts with your hands. This led to my sister and Megan trying to do the same. No fine fart making would be complete though without....Armpit farts. Just for a moment close your eyes and picture two grown women in their 30s and 40s sitting at the dinner table with their hands up their shirts trying to cup their armpits to get just the right tone. Megan jumped in and I can tell you we had some fine fart making practice.

It takes so little amuse us.

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