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3 surgeries for Endometriosis, countless medications, and lots of difficult years trying to conceive. We put the medical stuff on hold and decided to work on being parents instead. In July of 2000 we were blessed beyond all measure with a phone call announcing the birth of our daughter, Megan. Megan's birth mother had given birth the day before and was leaving the hospital. We had no warning that Megan was coming. At 4:29 in the afternoon we were a couple, at 4:30 we were parents. Deciding that we wanted a sibling for Megan, we looked into all our options. This time insurance covered IVF. One round and we were blessed with triplets, Abigail, Brigid, and Caroline. Did you know that there is a 70% chance of divorce in families of Higher Order Multiples? Almost two years after the triplets were born my ex-husband and I separated and eventually divorced. During that time both my Mother and Father passed away from cancer. In February of 2007 my sister came to live with us to help out. In December of 2008 she had to leave so now it is me on my own with the girls. In February 2010, Lisa passed away and finally found her own Peace.

Monday, October 17, 2011

If it ain't broke don't fix it

For some reason that title sends the teacher in me to crazy town.  I have to agree with it.  I'm a change kind of person.  I like change.  I thrive in change.  Like my hair color.  It's pretty much been every color under the sun.  I change it on a whim.  I'm still trying to get up the nerve to add a little blue or pink.  Something about a 43 year old with pink hair might smack of despiration.  I'm still wanting that eyebrow piercing.  I'm wondering if that will help the OCD or make it worse.  I rearrange my furniture all the time.  I like change.  So I changed my blog again.  Just keeps it interesting.

Let me know what you think.

Not much else going on here on the homefront.  I did a lot of picking up this weekend.  And a LOT of quiet.  I went the whole weekend without turning the TV on.  I used to shake my head when my Mom used to tell me that as soon as we left for school she would turn the TV off.  Now I understand.  No radio, TV, nothing that causes noise.  My noise tolerance meets its quota after two straight weeks with the girls. 

I spent an hour with the babies today at work.  You know it's a good thing God knew what He was doing when He made me infertile.  I fed four babies today, changed diapers, burped them.  And played.  If I wasn't infertile I could very well see myself as Michelle Duggar.  With 20 kids.  There is an especially yummy little boy in the infant room who is about 9 weeks old.  Everytime I feed him I just melt.  This may very well be why I do what I do everyday.  I make almost no money (grammatical error there again).  But what I get from the children at my preschool, and better yet from my own children, makes me feel wealthier than any person I know.  I get JOY in doing what I do.  Pure and utter JOY.  My soul is fed by what I do.  How many people can say that?  I've often thought a lot about switching careers to something that would provide my family with a better standard of living.  Then I spend an hour with these babies that I am BLESSED to take care of and I know I'm right where I should be.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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